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Casca LEATT GPX 5.5 V05 1015500104

Lightweight Composite off-road head and brain protection. Ground-breaking head and brain protection from Leatt®!

This race-ready Composite off-road, light weight and super ventilated helmet is equipped with 360 Turbine concussion and brain rotation safety technology that takes protection to a whole new level!

Lightweight Composite off-road head and brain protection

360° Turbine Technology
Up to 30% reduction of head impact at concussion level
Up to 40% reduction of rotational acceleration to head and brain
Improves multiple-impact protection
Reduced Outer Shell Volume
A smaller helmet shell reduces forces transferred to the neck
A 10% smaller shell transfers up to 20% less rotational forces to the head & brain
3D In-Molded V-Foam
Multi density V-shaped impact foam molded to the outer shell
Significantly reduces G-forces transferred to the head & brain
Increased absorption, slimmer and a stiffer structure than a normal helmet foam
Optimal Neck Brace Compatibility
Specially designed helmet features and shape to take full advantage of the Leatt® neck brace design
Rear hyperextension impact platform with neck brace optimized shape
Quattro Force Control:
Composite matrix reduced outer volume shell in 3 sizes
3D in-molded V-Foam for maximum energy absorption
360° Turbine Technology for concussion level impact protection
360° Turbine Technology for reduction of rotational acceleration
Maximized Ventilation
Effective even at very low speeds
Optimized for off-road racing
Lightweight and premium protection
Visor with breakaway function for rotational reduction in a crash
Low friction cheek pads for emergency removal
Hydration ready (with optional hands-free kit)
Moisture-wicking, breathable, antimicrobial and washable liner
Certified and tested to ECE2205/DOT, ACU Gold
Weight: From 1.320g

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